You’re the senior Human Resource Policy Branch ( HRPB) at a company with a global footprint.

You’re the senior Human Resource Policy Branch ( HRPB) at a company with a global footprint. Following a yearly leadership planning meeting with the business line, you take the initiative to develop deep-dive analysis on your current leadership talent pipeline. Subsequently, through data mining and studying the trends, you notice that 35% of your executive level employees would be eligible to benefit from the company’s retirement plan. Acknowledging the potential risks behind this, you immediately report your observation to your manager. Your manager books an appointment with the company CEO, and asks you to create Executive Summary, along with a detailed report to present your findings.

The following information is given to you:

1. Given the global presence of your company, you have access to a younger demographic in Latin America – this includes those in leadership levels

2.The search cost for execute level employees, through your vendor of record, has been roughly 30% of their annual salary

3.80% of your management level are sourced through job search engines, by your in-house recruiters

4.Year over year sales revenue is up by 22%

5.Internal costs has increased by 37%

6.The company competitors have been promoting “volunteered retirement” amongst their top executives and have predominately hired externally to replace them (over 75% of replacements

sourced externally)

Now answer the Assignment questions:

1. make detailed report outlining your recommendation;

a. which sources of supply to use and breakdown of each source (what % for each source)

b. your rationale as to why

c. identifying high potentials

d. developmental opportunities and experiences – can you think of any special

assignments and action learning?

2. Given your global presence and the opportunities available to you, outline your solution to

leverage the talent available in Latin America and Make sure to discuss issues such as onboarding, cultural integration and “trailing spouse syndrome”

3. Deliver a maximum 3 pages executive summary plus your detailed report