Work Thrust Each student must identify an OD and Change intervention which was either implemented or is being implemented in any organizational

Work Thrust

Each student must identify an OD and Change intervention which was either implemented or is being implemented in any organizational setting.


  • 1.What is the planned change?
  • 2.What are the intervention purposes?
  • 3.What intervention strategies were/are considered or will be considered for adoption?
  • 4.Comment on the OD and Change processes used/to be used; what was done, what is being done; what resulted; and how did it meet the expectation?
  • 5.What roles did/are consultants expected to play or are playing?
  • 6.What factors contributed/are contributing to success- how and why?
  • 7.What factors posed or are posing as challenges to success: how and why?
  • 8.What theoretical and conceptual issues arise in this OD and Change project? Elaborate them

9.How does this OD and Change project help you to appreciate the significance of OD in organizations?

10.Any other matter that you choose to mention and discuss as far as this OD and Change project is concerned?

Running Head: ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Organizational DevelopmentStudentā€™s NameInstitution 1 ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2 Organizational DevelopmentOD is the organization development….