What is a life cycle logistics supportability key design considerations?

What is a life cycle logistics supportability key design considerations?

   Organizational maintenance support

   Direct support maintenance capability

   Depot repair capability


2) Which of the following is goal of life cycle sustainment?

   Validating metrics

   Estimating costs

   Supporting a large footprint

   Ensuring a highly supportable system

3) Life cycle logistics is defined as the planning, development, implementation, and management of comprehensive, affordable, and effective systems support strategies.



4) DoD Product Support Business Model (PSBM) is a one-time process to optimally support the needs and requirements of the Warfighter in an effective and affordable manner.



5) What is the name of document that describes how the sustainment strategy will being implemented?

   Life Cycle Sustainment Plan

   Acquisition Strategy

   DoDI 5000.02

   Sustainment Quad Chart

6) What is the purpose of the affordable system operational effectiveness concept?

   It enables the user to select and assess product and process technologies

   It ensures technical performance is aligned to supportability features

   It ensures that mission effectiveness is defined in terms meaningful to the Warfighter

   It enables the user to see how well the system is able to perform its missions over a sustained period

7) Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is the amount of time between one failure, the failure’s correction, and then to the onset of a second failure (which may be of a different nature than the first failure) within the same component or subassembly within a given population of equipment.



8) What is the focus of the Operations and Support phase?

   Assessing the sustainability effectiveness of the fielded systems

   Executing the sustainment program and on making adjustments based on effectiveness and operating conditions using systems engineering principles

   Leveraging areas of common strategic importance between stakeholders and industry partners

   Identifying and applying applicable demilitarization requirements necessary to eliminate the functional or military capabilities of assets

9) Which of the following Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element involves the identification, review, assessment, and resolution of deficiencies throughout a system’s life cycle?

   Sustaining Engineering

   Maintenance Planning and Management

   Product Support Management