The various stakeholders all have different opinions on how they should receive communication regarding the project. The education level, attitude, personality, and job of each stakeholder have a bearing on the individual preference of communication. Some stakeholders complain about being carbon copied on everything and say they cannot keep up with e-mails; some complain that with all of the e-mail discussions, they are not sure what decisions have been made; some feel that by the time they get to read their e-mails, the information is out of date; and others want to dominate the communication. As the project manager, what is the best way to solve the communication issue among the stakeholders?

For this assignment, complete the following tasks:

  • Locate a minimum of 2 articles that discuss the pitfalls of business communication for project managers.
  • Provide a summary of the articles and share how the strategies suggested in the articles may be helpful.
  • Provide a suggestion on improving communication among the stakeholders, and support your views.