The current Chair of the Federal Reserve is:

The current Chair of the Federal Reserve is:

Alan Greenspan

Janet Yellen

Jerome Powell

Ben Bernanke

Jerry Brown

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Question 7

2 pts

Inflation and interest rates are most closely associated with _____ within the external business environment.

cultural factors

economic forces

competitive trends

technological trends

managerial downsizing

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Question 8

2 pts

The Chubb Group, an insurance company, regularly supplies funds for programming on the public television network. Its donations are an example of:

economic responsibility

financial empowerment

ethical responsibility

corporate philanthropy

corporate paternalism

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Question 9

2 pts

Laws have curtailed smoking, and as a result, the sale of cigarettes is down. Rather than fighting the law, the cigarette industry is looking for ways to take their business beyond cigarettes. Many experts believe that the cigarette producers have found a way around the law with the promotion and distribution of smokeless tobacco, which has shown consistent sales gains over the last decade. In terms of the social responsibility pyramid, at which level is the cigarette industry operating?






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Question 10

2 pts

Social responsibility goes beyond obligations provided by law or union contract. Two important aspects of social responsibility are that the obligation is both:

voluntary and broad

public and private

state and federal

open and lawful

internal and external