project report


double-space, third person voice,  indent paragraphs 1/2 inch, 1 inch margins, only 12 point Times New Roman, running header right justified with a simple page number.

Save the file as username_project report


Cover Page (Title: Analysis of xxxxxxxxxxxx, CIS151-05, Your name, Date) include running header

Next Page: (do not put each section on a new page.

Business Understanding (describe the business or industry effect of the data in less than 1 page. What analysis questions did you try to answer?

Data Preparation (describe what you did to prepare the data in 2 – 4 paragraphs)

Data Model (This is your analysis model. What worksheets and charts, etc. did you create and what was their purpose?)

Evaluation (What were your answers?) Include charts here with interpretations.

Conclusion (A paragraph describing the result of your project)

You must include charts and or graphs in the paper.