Please help i’m stuckQuestion11Which of the following is a well written instructional

Please help i’m stuck


Which of the following is a well written instructional


Select one:

You will learn how to type on a Dell Computer

You will learn everything about Human Resource Management 

You will be able to correctly describe 5 external recruitment methods after completing this course 

You will be expected to run one mile after exercising daily



Question text

Succession planning requires an organization to:

Select one:

Lay-off surplus employees

Reorganize job responsibilities

Identify employees for future executive positions

Accept employee referrals to fill internal job openings



Question text

Performance appraisal programs sometimes fail because:

Select one:

It’s difficult to determine the difference among employee work performance

Managers fear legal implications

Employees are not concerned with performance feedback

Managers dislike the face-to-face confrontation of appraisal interviews



Question text

Vignette: An employee of Smith & Associates was required to make daily banking Deposits at GetWell Bank. While there, this employee was wounded by a Security Guard who went berserk and started firing wildly. This Security Guard was hired by the bank through a Temporary Agency. A subsequent investigation disclosed that the Security Guard had a history of violent behavior. Who, in this scenario, could possibly be held liable? (Think out of the box on this one)

Select one:

Smith & Associates

GetWell Bank

Temporary Agency

All of the above

Vignette: Smith & Associates posted an Advertisement in a local newspaper for: 5 Customer Service Representatives to handle similar billing complaints from customers, 2 Computer Operators to load and maintain the HRIS system, 4 Salespersons to sell X21 computers and 1 Marketing Manager. This scenario represents a good example of

Select one:

4 positions, 12 jobs and 4 job families

4 jobs, 12 positions and 12 job families

4 job Families, 4 jobs and 12 positions

12 jobs, 12 positions and 12 job families