outline for your final project. Your outline will relate to the phases of the policy-making process as well as the steps of the policy analysis…

outline for your final project. Your outline will relate to the phases of the policy-making process as well as the steps of the policy analysis process illustrated in Figure 4.1 on page 118 of your Public Policy e-book.

From your reading of Chapter 4 of your Public Policy e-book, you know that the steps used in rational decision making and rational-comprehensive approach to policy analysis are useful in communicating about problem areas, optional approaches, and preferred actions. The same steps used in the policy analysis process apply continuously to the policy process and they are related to all five stages of policy making. Therefore, the steps also are useful to the analyst in formulating an outline or strategy to communicate research about a particular policy issue or problem.

Logical mapping of ideas can help you organize your policy issue paper. Picture your policy issue at the center of the map and sections headings as steps in the process of organizing your outline in preparing to put your thoughts into words.

Your outline must include the following section headings:

  • Problem.
  • Policy alternatives.
  • Evaluative criteria.
  • Assessment of alternatives.
  • Conclusions.

Insert additional subsection headings as you think they relate to your chosen topic. Keep in mind that you will retain the headings for your assignments in the next 2 weeks, so feel free to annotate your outline or to begin drafting your paper with this outline. You will receive feedback from your instructor on your outline. You are advised to wait for feedback before submitting the draft and the final paper.

Complete the policy issue paper outline with the help of Outline and Final Paper Template given in the resources. In your outline:

  • Identify the policy issue investigated.
  • Include five section headings informed by Figure 4.1 on page118 of your  Public Policy e-book and additional subheadings, as needed.
  • Include the list of references. A minimum of 10 academically credible sources is required. The required e-books are to be included in addition to the 10.
  • Include an outline for the executive summary with the following five section headings:
  • Purpose of the issue.
  • Background of the problem.
  • Major findings. Approach to analysis and methods (where appropriate).
  • Conclusions and recommendations (if any).

Other Requirements

Your outline should meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of grammatical and spelling errors that detract from the overall message.
  • References: A minimum of 10 academically credible sources, excluding the e-books.
  • Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA standards
  • Font and font size: Arial, 12 poi