Marketing strategy is what you will do to accomplish marketing goals and objectives.

Neither strategies nor tactics are determined in a vacuum. They are determined in terms of the mission, and vision of the organization and the environmental variables faced by that firm. These issues are well developed in the assigned readings about the Ansoff matrix.

On a more contemporary note, consider the articles related to clouding found in the Presentations section. These are basic information about Clouding. Read the more current articles listed below. After reading these articles, please prepare a short (4-5 page) paper on the topic:

There are several cloud servicing organizations today, as the industry has grown during recent years. Choose one clouding service. What does this service offer? What are their products? How do they compare with the competition? Why did you choose this particular company? Looking at the marketing environment explain how these factors are addressed by this cloud service and how this can help or hinder your own organization. Would you recommend this cloud service to others?

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