I took a quiz in Business Ethics and I got a 60. This has been the hardest class for me this far in school. Can I

I took a quiz in Business Ethics and I got a 60. This has been the hardest class for me this far in school. Can I

get help with understanding a few questions that I missed?

Which of the following is cited as one reason why minorities make less money than whites?

Question options:

Minorities are steered into low- paying professions such as education

Minorities face a glass ceiling as they advance in their career

Sexual harassment is greater for minorities than other groups, including women

Minorities needs skills and education but have a comparative lack of both

Which of the following best describes the caring model of the organization?

Question options:

Caring is focused on quality and profitability

Caring should be viewed as a way to increase productivity

Caring is personal in nature

Caring will enhance the performance of those who receive the care

Which of the following represents the three basic differences between the power of corporate managers and the power of government officials?

Question options:

Centralization, decision- making process, and legal authority

Economic leverage, mobility, and decentralization

Consent, limits, and mobility

Monopoly, power, legal authority, and consent

Opponents of affirmative action programs have argued that criteria besides race and sex must be considered when making job decisions. Which of the following indicates the need for the inclusion of other criteria?

Question options:

If only race and sex are used as criteria, the result will be the hiring of unqualified workers

Productivity will remain steady but will not improve if hiring is done on the basis of race and sex

Only women and minorities with equal skills and qualifications should be considered

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not allow employers to correct programs that are not morally unjust

The right of people to determine what, to whom, and how much information they disclose to others is called

Question options:

Physiological privacy

Physical privacy

The technological dilemma of modern organization

The right to privacy

Which of the following supports the view that managers are authoritarian and controlling, and therefore less democratic?

Question options:

Theory Y

Rensis Likert’s view

Theory X

Raymond Mile’s view

Which political tactic creates the appearance of being thoughtful, honest, and sensitive and can aid in making a decision maker well-liked and confident?

Question options:

Image building


Controlling information

Forming power coalitions

Which of the following describes an indication that discrimination exists because there is a disproportionate number of a protected group in less desirable positions within the organization?

Question options:

Prima facie


Adverse impact

Affirmative action