I need help for Exam A regional physical therapy company that provides rehabilitative services for recovering orthopedic injuries is rapidly

I need help for Exam

A regional physical therapy company that provides rehabilitative services for recovering orthopedic injuries is rapidly expanding. The company has established leading positions in speed to successful full recovery, weekend availability, and personalized treatment for its customers.

However, it has an aging customer relationship management software (CRM) for its sales managers and personalized physical therapy programs for its customers. Both these systems are located on aging servers on premise (we have them on servers at our company headquarters). The CEO has been concerned that sales has not been growing faster and thinks the sales team needs more support. The company has been talking about moving all its key applications to the cloud (The CEO read an article in the WSJ that this is the thing to do). The VP of IT has determined the scope for this the project is moving our personalized therapy programs and CRM into the cloud, then moving accounting software at a later time in a follow-on project. The VP of Operations has been vocally disagreeing and thinks we should keep all applications on servers we own at our headquarters. The licensing for the CRM expires in 9 months and the penalties for extending the contract are exorbitant. Leadership have been stuck in debate for 6 months now and the CEO told the VP of IT to make the decision and avoid paying the fees extending the CRM contract The VP of IT received approval for a $180,000 budget. He asks you to lead the project to find the right applications to use in the cloud and building a plan to migrate the CRM and personalized therapy application to the new infrastructure. The VP of IT told you that you can utilize the internal IT group of 8, but we have 5 junior staff who were hired in the last 3 months and they are still not fully up to speed in their current roles. We also have just hired a new VP of Sales who has lots of experience in the physical therapy businesses, but limited sales leadership experience. She has already voiced his concern that her team does not have time to train on a new CRM as their sales targets have just been increased and 2 of her managers need extended time off for personal matters. The project cannot impact our sales goals or clients and the CEO is very concerned that the sales team does not have excuses for not hitting their targets.

Using the scenario above answer the below questions as if you are the Project Manager in charge of the proposed project.

Using an Agile Scrum story format, write one story with Story Title, Story Statement and 3 Acceptance Criteria5)     Provide 3 risks, their impact, and possible mitigation strategies

     Provide 5 milestones for the project with estimated start and end dates.

    Develop a partial Work Breakdown Schedule using the below boxes:

    After two weeks of working on the project, your project sponsor asks if you can also replace the accounting application in addition to the CRM and personalized physical therapy application. Using the project triangle – what do you say to the sponsor and what corner is this request changing in the project triangle? Give the options to comply with the sponsor’s request?

     Using PERT and the following information about a project task, provide the expected time for the task and provide the range you would expect 95.5% of the actual time durations to fall into.

a.      Optimistic Time 6 days

b.     Pessimistic Time 12 Days

c.      Most Likely Time 7 Days