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DQ1:While stem cell research and human cloning are often interrelated, there are differences in these two approaches. Stem cell research has many medical indications for the treatment of disease. While it is the basis of human cloning, and its purpose clear for that approach, there is much debate in healthcare about where to stop with stem cell research.

From thorough research of the topics, what ethical issues are involved in stem cell research and human cloning? Please be sure to research both sides of the issues and discuss in detail how your sources support or do not support these issues. Personal opinions are not required but are always welcomed.

DQ2:The National Instit2utes of Health (NIH) sets the standard for the protection of human research subjects by defining regulations, issuing policies, and providing guidance. This information provides a basis for what is right and wrong in Human Subject Research. Refer to this government site.

Consider research that is conducted using human products or human subjects and respond to the following questions:

  • After thoroughly researching the topics, what do you see as ethical implications for this type of research and what might assure protection?