Develop Exercise Evaluation Guide ( EEG) for Tabletop Exercise”TTX”. please be familiar with TTX

it is about creating a tabletop exercise* discussion based* (my part is developing Exercise Evaluation Guide ( EGG )for the tabletop exercise (TTX) design which go through many process, a lot of them have been done which i will provide you and will find more information in the attachments.

Here is the scenario for the tabletop exercise:

A severe weather watch has been posted. Your area of Liberty County can expect 3-4 inches of rain in the next 18-24 hours. Your area rarely sees rainfall of this magnitude. Authorities suggest that utility failure is likely and evacuation of some health care facilities (nursing home may be needed. The area is likely to be impacted for 3-5 days after the rain stops. Address this contingency from the EOC perspective of the only local hospital. That 200 bed facility has a 12 bed ED staffed with one physician and one PA 24/7. Hospital leadership has been advised to expect a surge of patients including ill and injured as well as many who are dependent on power to operate oxygen, ventilators etc. Your group will address planning for such an event. Take into consideration appropriate core capabilities and emergency support functions. Assume that travel will be very difficult, making it almost impossible to obtain outside resources.

You will find more information regarding the tabletop exercise group progress on the attachment named ( Tabletop Ex Information)

Other attachments help explain about the EEG and the TTX