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In The News/In My Experience

Read the attached chapters and share a related newsworthy story or a workplace experience. Your paper must use EITHER a workplace scenario that you experienced personally OR a practical, everyday work related story. Your paper must provide a brief summary of your story (personal or news related) so that what you are discussing is clear.

Whether you discuss a personal workplace scenario or use a work related article, at least one core concept from each of the chapters attached MUST BE PRESENT AND a clear connection to the course material being covered MUST BE EVIDENT. It is your responsibility to show how your personal work scenario or work related article links to the core concepts in the course material from each chapter. As a matter of fact, you must clearly elaborate on the linkage and relevance of your post and be able to justify why it is applicable and related to material in both chapters which are being covered.

As you read the attached material, be cognizant of any linkages between the chapters. This will hopefully be helpful to you when attempting to find a news story or identify a workplace occurrence that integrates some aspect of the material from both chapters.

· If your paper uses a work related article, a link to the main work related article used in your paper must be included at the end of your paper.

· Your work related article must be from a reputable source and dated within the last 2 years.

· Wikipedia and other open source sites are NOT reputable sources.

· Your paper must also include AT LEAST three external sources plus the textbook which serve as supporting evidence to substantiate your arguments.


  • – A minimum length of 1,000 or more words 
  • – Assignment response content reflects full understanding of core concepts and applies core concepts accurately.
  • – Assignment  response displays significant depth of analysis, provides significant  insight not otherwise offered and relates to assigned topic.
  • – Assignment  response mostly incorporates specific content and examples from course  material to competently substantiate independent points and ideas.  Reasoned implications and conclusions are also clearly and accurately identified. 
  • – Assignment response accurately incorporates three or more external sources which were researched independently related to the module topic. 
  • – Uses APA format and style for references and citations of external sources. 
  • – Assignment response language is clear, concise and easy to understand. Content has few to no grammatical or spelling errors.


Osland, J.S., Kolb, D.A., Rubin, I.M., & Turner, M.E (2007). Organizational Behavior: An Experiential Approach (8th Ed.). Prentice Hall. ISBN -978-0131441514

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