Below is the running case out of the Information Technology Project Management ( Eight Edition , 2016 ) . Author : Kathy Schwalbe , Publisher :…

Below is the Running Case starting in Ch. 4 for the Information Technology Project Management (Eight Edition, 2016) textbook. I’m attaching the required text explaining what to do, but also the required files used for the task as well.

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Below is the running case out of the Information Technology Project Management ( Eight Edition , 2016 ) .Author : Kathy Schwalbe , Publisher : Cengage Learning , 15 EN – 10 : 128:54523:48, 15 EN – 13: 4781 28.5 452340Economic inequality is a huge issue . A recent study found that the world’s &O wealthiest individuals ownas much as the entire world’s poorest 3 5 billion people . The richest 1 percent of the world’s populationcontrol half of the world’s total wealth . ‘s Many individuals , corporations , charities , and government*agencies have projects and programs in place to attempt to tackle this and other important global issuessuch as sustainability , but there are many opportunities to do more .A grassroots group of college students has decided to work together to do their part in making the worlda better place . The students are from many different countries , and several of them met at globalconferences , through study abroad experiences , or on various Internet groups . Strategic goals of thisgroup include developing skills for both college students and for needy populations , sharing information*on Existing products and services that promote Economic growth and sustainability , and promoting*Entrepreneurship . Leaders of this group were reviewing some ideas for projects fall with a significant ITcomponent ) that they could do to support their strategic goals`1 .Global Treps . Many people are familiar with the television show called Shark Tank where*Entrepreneurs ( sometimes called*treps" I present their business ideas to a group of investors onsharks . Several colleges , high schools , and Even Elementary schools throughout the world holdunique versions of a shark tank like event . You believe that creating a non -profit organization*with one central mobile – friendly website / application to assist group’s in organizing these types*of events would spark Even more Entrepreneurs throughout the world ."You maywould plan to holdseveral shark tank like events during the term of the project and create a site and applications tohelp continue developing more Elabial treps . This site / application would include the following*capabilities :`Provide guidelines and templates for running a shark tank type of event*Accept donations from potential investors targeted toward specific schools or*organizations wishing to host an Even / similar to the popular Donors Choose _ org sitewhere people can fund teacher’s requests !`Accept ideas for needed new products or services*J. Provide the ability for organizations to create their own custom site to solicit localparticipants and sharks , accept applications , and promote the winners as well as lasers*E .Research ideas for a mechanism where a certain percentage of all donations and profitsEarned by contestants are donated back to the Global Treps organization*F .Provide an online version of the events by showing videos or contestants and live*reactions of the sharks while also getting live inputs and donations from viewers .2 .Change the Law’s Campaign : Launch a global campaign to change laws to reduce further incomeinequality and promote social responsibility . This project would also involve creating a mobile -friendly website / application that would include information about current and proposed laws ,allow discussions of potential ideas to change laws , organizE people to contact appropriatelawmakers , Etc .3. Wealthy Unite : Develop a system to Enable the richest people in the world to provide their input*on how they can make the world a better place . Provide information on what several people are*