Assume you have recently been promoted to manager at your firm. As you take on this new role, you look at the next 30, 60, and 90 days to develop your plan for success. Becoming management is a reward

7. Explain why strategic planning and the steps of the strategic planning process are beneficial to a manager and his/her organization.

8. Describe how each organizational structure could be beneficial and disadvantageous in your field. And, include which organizational structure best suits your career goals, personality, and work style.

9. Describe what the company culture would be like under your management in your chosen field. How would you motivate your employees to be productive, ethical, and high performing employees? Discuss your plan to reduce turnover and improve morale.

10. Your company has a diverse workforce, this includes many culturally diverse individuals, varying levels of education, and millennials moving into management, but very few female employees. List your strategies for managing diversity within the workplace.