18-8 “every individual employee in an organization plays a role

L018.5Six management control issuesemployee theft, workplace violence, customer interactions, and corporate governandplace privacyFor each of these issues, managers need to have policies in place to control inapproneate actions and ensure that work is getting done efficiently and effectively.Adjusting controls for cross-cultural differenceifferences may be needed primarily in theareas of measuring and taking corrective actions. Organizations should clearly conemunicate to managers and employees how to approach and respond to routine .nonroutine situations within and outside the horhe home country .Employees who use the Internet and social media for personal use are not entitled toprivacy. Organizations need to establish clear policies that outline the differences betwenproper and improper use and the consequences for usinfor using technology inappropriately.Employee theft is costly to organizations. Procedures for monitoring theft and theconsequences for committing a theft should be clearly explained to employees.Workplace violence is a prevalent problem. Organizations need to develop emer.Chapter 18cidents of violence that include protecting the safetyher interactions because employee service productivityerceptions of service value. Organizations wantships among their employees and customersused to govern a corporation so that the inter.board of directors looks out for the interestst called for more disclosure and transparencytavern a corporationoffed to allbommi sd forement510 BorismioneGoto mycomplete the problems marked withREVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONSmounted original pur18-1. Why is control an essential managerial function in all 18-7. In Chapter 6 we discussed the white-water rapidstypes of organizations?view of change, which refers to situations in which18-2. State the information sources for measuringunpredictable change is normal and expected, andperformance.managing it is a continual process. Do you think it’s18-3. Discuss the four main workplace discipline problems.possible to establish and maintain effective standards18-4. What do the two liquidity ratios-current and acid-and controls in this type of environment? Discuss.actually measure and reveal?18-8. “Every individual employee in an organization18-5. Explain the balanced scorecard approach toplays a role in controlling work activities.” Do youevaluating organizational performance.agree with this statement, or do you think control is18-6. Why is control important to customer interactions?something that only managers are responsible for?Explain.Pearson MyLab ManagementIf your professor has assigned these, go to mymanagementlab.com for thefollowing Assisted-graded writing questions:18-9. Why is control important to customer interactions?18-10. What are some work activities in which the acceptable range of variationmight be higher than average? What about lower than average? (Hint: Thinkin terms of the output from the work activities, whom it might affect, andhow it might affect them.)