1. what is the difference between the topic of a message and its main idea?2.A day after

1. what is the difference between the topic of a message and its main idea?

2. A day after

sending an email to all 1,800 employees in your company regarding income tax implications of the company’s retirement plan, you discover that one of sources you relied on for your information plgarized from other sources. You quickly double-check all the information in your message and confirm that it is accurate. However, you are concerned about using (plgarized information, even though you did nothing wrong. How would handle this situation?

3. You are organizing an exploratory in-person meeting with engineering representatives from a dozen manufacturers around the world to discuss updates to a technical standard that all the companies’ products must adhere to. The representatives have a wide range of firmly held opinions on the subject, because the changes could help some companies and hurt others. They can’t even agree on what should be addressed in the first meeting, so you need to develop a minimum level of consensus on what should be on the agenda. Which combination of media and channels would you use to move the conversation forward and finalize the agenda? Each company has one representative, and any discussions need to be kept confidential.

4. Writing: Creating a Businesslike Tone; Media Skill: Email [LO-3] Read the following emailmessage and then (1) analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each sentence and (2) revise the message so that it follows this general writing business messages guidelines. The message was written by the marketing manager of an online retailer of baby-related products in the hope of becoming a retail outlet for Inglesina strollers and high chairs. As a manufacturer of stylish, top-quality products, Inglesina (based in Italy) is extremely selective about the retail outlets through which it allows its products to be sold. Our e-tailing company, Best Baby Gear, specializes in only the very best products for parents of newborns, infants and toddlers. We constantly scour the world looking for products that are good enough and well-built enough and classy enough-good enough that is to take their place alongside the hundreds of other carefully selected products that adorn the pages of our award-winning website, www.bestbabygear.com. We aim for the fences every time we select a product to join this portfolio; we don’t want to waste our time with onesey-twosey products that might sell a half dozen units per annum-no, we want every product to ne a top-drawer success, selling a least one hundred units per specific model per year in order to justify our expense and hassle factor in adding it to the abovementioned portfolio. After careful consideration, we thusly concluded that your Inglesina lines meet our needs and would therefore like to add it.